A couple of days ago, actually more like a week ago, I was getting into my vehicle and spotted a large rain spider in the door panel. Immediately I got the heebi geebies, jumped back and found some kinda pokey thing to remove it with. But it escaped me and wriggled its way into the bonnet area. Alas, I was hoping that it would find its way out and depart into the blue yonder. Every evening as I drove home I would imagine it crawling up my leg and developed the habit of wiping my legs with every imaginary tickle. I didn’t really want this thing crawling up my leg….
Well be it as it may today it decided to reappear. I arrived at the Map of Africa for a paragliding flight, opened the boot of my car and took out my glider, with the same action I took out my flying shirt, the pink one I have been wearing and popped it over my head, tucked my arms into the sleeves and grabbed my glider. Standing on the launch site I noticed a bulge in my sleeve, weird, it didn’t feel like anything odd. With the opposite hand I reached into the sleeve and pulled out guess who! With one fell swoop my hand released the spider sending it flying across the grass field, I was so shocked at the idea of the spider sitting in my sleeve that the tap dance display that I performed was completely meaningless as I jiggled my way around launch site for about 5 min before I came to a stand still and breathed… the joys of living in the forest!