There are ways to see the world and there are ways to experience the world but hopping into one of these babies is a sure treat! BMW has always stated that it is a sheer driving pleasure but until you have actually been in one yourself there IS no way to describe it.

Being a real back road farm girl that normally ends up on some forgotten track somewhere with the windows wide open and the warm African air caressing your hair, the actual experience of sitting in a vehicle with comfortable seats, every gadget you can imagine and with gentle conditioned air, all while there is a powerful engine purring under your butt is pure euphoria!

The countryside swoops past the huge windows, you don’t think of anything but staring out of them. The car thinks for itself and the navigation system simply steers you in the right direction of your programmed journey. The spaciousness makes me think of heading off on a long distance road trip with all you need popped in the back, it would simply feel like a Sunday drive as you wouldn’t even notice, yes, there is enough space! How could you not enjoy this piece of mechanical art!
Let’s talk gravel roads, dust and uneven surfaces. What even is that? You hit the ground and she settles into her driving ability with ease, you can glide through scenic routes of this interesting landscape and just actually enjoy the ride.

Why would you not drive one? The only way to improve on this drive is to acquire a driver, but why would you do that? I personally wouldn’t let go of the steering wheel and would head for anywhere at a drop of a hat just be able to drive this piece of stylish technology

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