Slowly I awakened as life filtered into my surroundings and I heard the gentle breeze rustling in the trees nearby, somewhere a colourful Knysna Turaco was making his presence known with his harsh throaty call. While the soft light filtered through my window pane and morning unpeeled herself, I suddenly realized where I was.

I swung myself towards the edge of the bed. It was a new day and I didn’t want to miss it! The zip of the tent whined while I tugged at it eagerly, holding back for a moment longer before embracing the dawn. Stepping outside for the view it unfolded all natures colours. The puffy clouds edged their way over the horizon and the lush green forest was softly litten by the light rays that worked its way through the cracks of the cloud base. I took a deep breath and let the moment imprint on me. Such beauty!

The picturesque display of the surrounding forest is alluring and this charming little camp nestled here deep in the Crags region of Plettenberg Bay creates a feeling of a hidden secret, a place still to be discovered. I smiled to myself and grabbed my camera, it’s time for the adventurous exploration to begin. The fresh air swirls around me and dewdrops glisten and sparkle as I move my feet through the grass. It’s going to be a beautiful day !!

Someone explained it to me once, it’s like being “indoor – outdoors” a luxury tent gives you the outdoor freedom with the indoor comforts. You simply step into nature and stay there, no restrictions, you move with nature and embrace it. It’s so effortless. Everything in this environment feels like it belongs.

The day passes into night and the campfire glows against the walls of the tent while the shadows dance and tell their story of my evening activities. The crackle of the flames sizzles my food and I work my way into the reclining chair to enjoy the warmth of my outdoors fire. The sounds of the bush are heightened by darkness and in the distance, I hear the fiery nightjar call into the night. This is escapism at its best.

Thank you for the wonderful stay and experience. You truly make Africa a place to enjoy.

The Travelbug Rose #Howzitsouthafrica