The huge collection of motorbikes in the Motorcycle Room, each with its own memory and story


It is not often I come across something that was developed completely from passion, but today was one of those days, today I met Colin Stunden …


The story of Jon Jon Abelhem and his racing bike, neither walk away from this accident


It was a while ago that I saw the first indication of the www.themotorcycleroom.co.za in Knysna, and with peaked curiosity, I stepped into this warehouse today filled with motorbikes, a dream destination for the enthusiastic rider, collector and petrol head dueller. But when I started chatting to Colin the real passion came forth. This is not just a simple collection of motorbikes, part motorbikes, yes part motorbikes, and other paraphernalia. This is a place filled with stories, memories and nostalgia, almost like a cartoon movie of iron and engines.


Found in a barn in Sutherland on the outskirts of town, this old 1958 Triumph was recaptured and gently brought back to life. 


As he introduced me to each “member” of his family, so to speak, there was a story, and each story was unique. There is not chance that you visit this place and not feel attached in some way to one of these beautiful machines. They might not be your million dollar prize collection, but in Colin’s eyes, they are! From the one he saved in a backyard barn in the middle of a desolated town, to the one that almost became scrap metal, he is attached to each.  And the history! There are bikes here that were built in the days when time was still valued and craftsmanship still a precious skill, this all near forgotten until founded by Colin. In the caring hands of him and his team, the true beauty of each creation came to life again.


Bringing back some memories of the 1980’s and my Kawasaki love affair


This is such a unique concept in the true sense of the word and home for the lost and the forgotten, where each machine can still glow in his glory and be admired by those who appreciate them the most.


Another fond memory of times gone by was this little number, Yamaha 250 XT


So, if you are an admirer of man and machine, this is definitely a place to visit. Reminisce of times gone by and that time when you raced around on your little 50 cc Suzuki motorbike and dodge a cop or two, or the time you saw the first Ducati or the time you bought your first road bike and hit the road, there are so many memories ……

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Colin’s Legacy