She’s the Wind

She’s the Wind…
On the shores of a faraway place I feel the soft caress on my skin and the gentle plucking of the strands of my discoloured hair. I stare over the ocean and watch her ripple up the water, the flat surface protests and breaks into little white foams across the bay. I cannot help but break the line on my face into a smile. The moment sets me in motion, this is made for play. It’s time to leave the land and venture into the unknown.

The tease of the action drives the sail into the course I set it, it tugs and hustles at everything and I have to think to direct it into the smoothest possible line of travel. With every twist and turn there is a forgiving handle on coaxing a new bearing, for force will only delay the even path and might end the journey. It’s good, and progress is favourable.

With unforgiven splendour she suddenly gusts and pulls at my vessel and the stability ends. It’s the fight that makes me move forward and my tired being delivers the mechanical motions. The focus moves from pleasure to struggle in a short space of time. I feel the acceleration and fear well up in the same measure. Exhaustion takes hold of me and the only way out is to hang in there. Time ticks slowly in troubled days…
The horizon shifts and brings a new calmness to the blue surface, I breathe a sigh of relief and relax…

Damn you! She will not move, she will not budge, she brings no pleasure… the wait is worse than the fight. The days are long and tedious and there is nothing to do but crave the moment that might come soon.

And then I feel her gently stroking my face like a lost stranger, working her way around me like the Deliha she is…. I grin, all is forgiven, lets play. She has a mind of her own, but the sweet pleasures remain the longest …..She’s the Wind.
For Dudley

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