Not far from the town of Mosselbay is the picturesque conservancy of Dana Bay. This quiet little suburb is home to many of the residents that commute daily to the outlying areas of this rich and rugged coastline. I could see why it is so well loved as I drove casually into the suburban community. The streets are a mumble jumble of paths over the rolling hills with houses neatly placed among its neatly trimmed gardens.

But what makes Dana Bay so special is the fact that it is surrounded by a well conserved budding nature reserve with many small wild animals that frequent the area. From an abundance of birds to the small bushbuck and other living creatures that call this home.

My accommodation for the length of my stay was the self catering accommodation of Villa Chante. It felt like I had never really left home as the warm and welcoming hosts invited me in, Leon and David felt like long lost family as we chattered away about the area. My cottage, one of many “miniature” homes in the complex had all the detailed extras that give you a “home away from home” feeling, especially as the fast Wi-Fi kicked in and the television, that is constantly absent in my life, does its storytelling in the corner.

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I placed my luggage down on the floor of the bedroom and walked about the area exploring the space around me. Did I just book in or move in..?!? A thought I needed to ponder on. See below

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While the afternoon ticked away I made a decision to explore Dana Bay a bit more. I hopped into my vehicle and headed to the edge of the rocky beach section. It is here that the St Blaize Trail starts and skirts along the cliff face. The winding footpath lured me from one viewpoint to the next. Stopping and staring at the spectacular beauty of this magnificent coast makes you forget the world around you, you can’t help absorbing every sight and sound, overwhelmed by a feeling of euphoria at just being here I lingered a while at each spot. The St Blaize trail takes you all the way to the Point of Mossel Bay, but it is perfectly fine to turn around and head back at any time. The walk is not too strenuous, but ensure you take a hat and water with you, as well as a camera for those special moments. Keep a keen eye out for the giant visitors, this is the Southern Right Whale’s playground, and these days they tend to stay a bit longer along our coastline. Wild pods of Bottle Nose and Common Dolphins can be spotted in the distance journeying along their hunting route from point to point in their own social way. It almost felt like an oceanic theatre performing in front of me

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The time came to move on. After splashing on some water and fanning myself down I meandered down to the little beach.

Dana Bay consists of two beaches neat coves in the rock faces. They are perfect for a cool down and for those who enjoy the art of fishing, there is a rock with your name on it. Luxuriously I dipped my feet into the welcoming Indian Ocean and enjoyed the flight of the lone seagull above my head, his screechy call reminding me that this was his territory

It’s fairly quiet here, with only a few fishermen hanging on to a rod in the hope of a catch. Soon the sun told me that dusk was approaching and that heading “home” would be a good idea. An evening of fun awaited me.

I hopped into a shower to rinse off the clamminess of the day and prepared for dinner in Mossel Bay.

Thanks to the collaboration of a restaurant group in Mossel Bay I waited for my driver to collect me and take me to the harbour where the nights entertainment and soft sunset awaited me.

My evenings choice was at the Oyster Bar in the harbourfront. On arrival, I promptly ordered a pink gin that sparkled in the rays of the setting sun while I sat at a small table on the wooden deck overlooking the bay. A soft cool evening breeze stroked my face and tugged at a few strands of my hair….. Bliss is all I could think of.

A meal of fresh sushi arrived and I tucked in eagerly as the bluesy music and waves eased me into a lazy evening. A colourful evening in every way and wonderful way to end the day.

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After a long but eventful day I crawled between the crisp clean sheets of a comfortable bed. The quiet surrounded me and only the fiery necked nightjar calling his song somewhere out there “Good Lord deliver us, deliver us…” could be heard.

Thank you Villa Chante for an amazing stay in this reserved piece of heaven.

If you are a traveller that loves self-catering holidays with a flair for nature and a twist of spoil, well then you will have found the right spot at Villa Chante !!

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