When the tide pulls way back towards the ocean depths and the dark rocks quietly rise from the deep, this is when the Oyster Pickers of the Garden Route appear. Each with her ragged sack and crowbar. They wade slowly into the shallows of the ocean with their colourful cloth dresses and huge patchy aprons. Bubbly voices carring over the vast blue surface as the chatter continues and their legs work their way around the sandy floors, all searching for the wild oysters among the rocks. Smiles crack through their brown features as they hold the rhythm of the sea and heave the heavy sacks off ocean treasures eventually to shore. This was the old way of the Khoi San, living from natures kitchen and enjoying the abundance of natural living. Today the legendary Oyster Pickers picks for the visitor, the local restaurants trade their monies for the fruits of the sea. No more the humble gift off the rocks, it now portrays the to be eaten by the rich, the champagne drinkers with the fancy ones..