At the foot of a Majestic Giants – Circles in the Forest

800 year old Outeniqua Yellowwood

Garden Route day walks is one of my favourite things to do in my area, not only is it my backyard but it boasts with some of the most beautiful day hikes/walks in Southern Africa.

One such a walk is the Circles of the Forest trail in the Goudveld SANParks region of Rheenendal, Knysna. With its lushesness of green foilage and the trickling of water in the near background acompanied by the chattering birds this gentle hike of 3 km has become one of those that just stays special.

Here you enter the forest while softly treading on a bed of littered leaves, gently placing your feet in selective spots on the earth beneath your soles, almost afraid of making a noise. The green canopy above your head scatter the filtered sunlight on to the mulchy floor of ferns and the indigenous foliage of this green paradise.

Circles in the forest Walk

You can’t help but becoming still as you take in the natural noises around you.

The wind works its way earerly through the twists and turns of the of the wooded mass above you, like an invisible acrobat tugging at the branches and the trees creak and moan at the sky above protesting every movement.

If you close your eyes and listen, you can almost hear the forest breathe while the air caresses your skin and strokes your mind into quietness. The forest becomes your temple of solitude and the heartbeat of your existence. You do really feel alive here!

While your eyes follow your footsteps the life under the lush awing fills your vision with colours of the delicate formations between the ferns and fallen logs. The forest creatures and soft fungi reveals the busy lifeforms and plays with the curious mind. In awe you gaze at the little wonders that coexist among each other and the frail balance between the fallen and the flourishing.

Circles in the forest

Along the pathway that winds deeper into the mysterious wonderland you step back into time where seedlings became saplings and reached for the sun above like hungry babes. This is where they eventually left the ground below and grew into the majestic trees they are today. As you stand and stare at the giants of old you become respectful of what time holds in these spaces. The clocks of modern man ticks away and chases life with a fierceness in the world outside the forest, but here each moment is precious, for each moment means that another tree is born and grows.

1000 year old Outeniqua Yellowwood

In the world of the majestic giants and the quiet surrounds of this endless green landscape, its only the birdsong that celebrates its every day, while the little creatures scurry around in its intricate habitat of wood and water to lay out the sphere around it in detail. The forest slowly grows and gathers its strength , for its work here is never done.

Tips for this Walk:

1. Where comfortable shoes

2. Take drinking water

3. Don’t forget your camera

4. Take it easy and enjoy it.

5. There is a picnic spot with toilets at the beginning/ end of the trail.

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