While visiting the beautiful Louvain Guest Farm we were invited by the young Danial Jonker to go and explore the foothills of the Outeniqua Mountains Range. It’s in these hills that ancient secrets gets whispered to the wind, leaving us humans searching for its magic the old fashioned way.

On foot, with a little imagination and keen spirits we hunted for the Bushman paintings of the Klein Karoo. Searching for the traces of history painted on the cliff faces and overhangs of the old rock formations strewn among the low lying hills.

Then, once found, you stare at these little red stick figures in there own motionless moments and wonder what tales the San people were telling that need to be edged in time. The red rock, which they used, was ground until it was fine, then mixed with animal fat and painted with brushes of animal hair or feathers. It’s this combination that withstood the test of time giving us tiny glimpses into their lives.
I guess we will always stay fascinated by these odd figures hanging in limbo on their cool dark canvases called stone.