What an incredible snorkel I had this morning with Trip Out. The Heads of Knysna are a vision on their own but today it was an even more incredible place to be and my watery experience a real treat. I squeezed myself into my wetsuit, spat and cleaned my mask, slipped on my fins and braved the cool waters of the estuary. The group waded into the shallows, cold liquid slowly seeped into the neoprene and trickled down my back. I gasped as it took a minute or two to get used to the dropping temperature. But I soon forgot about the chill as I submerged myself and focused on the estuary as it opened up into a rocky paradise of starfish, sea urchins and shiny little fish.

It’s easy to forget how awesome it is just to be in the water, simply floating along while steadily breathing as you do so.

We finned our way around the lighthouse point and soon navigated our way past the scattered boulders while exploring the watery world below us. As the tide turned so did we, drifting along gently back to our point of entry. Delighted by the array of little creatures going about their ocean business, I found myself hanging weightless over the rocks and observing their busy little watery lives. There is so much to see, and if you take your time and watch carefully they’ll reveal their secrets.

Slightly numb we exited under the Milkwood trees onto a little beach, peeled off our wetsuits and made our way onto a sunny deck. We basked in the sunshine while indulging in some refreshments and conversation, reflecting on our little adventure with each other…smiles all around.

What a way to spend a morning!

Thank You Matt Schoeman for the invite and reminding me of how awesome it is to be submerged in saltwater 😊😊😊
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