A 3 hour outing into the Outeniqua Mountains in a small Power Van with undescribable amount of power and a magnificent view! Hard to imagine that this railway track was build only by a labour force in the early 1900’s.  The click a di click and the soft rocking of the carriages takes me back to childhood days while we constantly climb up into the soft folds of this mountain range. 

Crossing over the old ox wagon path that the traders use to use, a gruelling trip of 10 days back then, I could not even imagine what it was like to be a trader in those days.  As we travel along we catch a glimpse of the Montague pass far below us,  still in use today, although only more of a scenic touristic route now.  And then we reach the end of our upward journey for a quick turn around, we have time to enjoy the view and have a hop off, hop on experience.


Part of the fun is the tunnels we have to go through

, 7 of them, the kids squeal with pleasure as we pass through them and the van blows his train whistle..

The Erika’s are in full bloom and we skim the edges of colour while heading back down.  Arriving at our pit stop for lunch we clamber out of the van and up the hill, what a view of George and the Indian ocean.  An hour later Anabelle our guide scoots us back into the Power Van for our final stretch home.  The excitement and anticipation of a train trip was fulfilled 3 times over.  A well recommended outing ! 

Gotravelbug on the move.