Living in the Southern Cape lends to exploring some of the most intersting coastlines in South Africa. Its a combination of white beaches filled in with rocky outcrops and fossiled dunes that creates this stretch of jagged earth . As you walk or hike along these geographical formations you often wonder where and how it was all formed and it leaves you completely fasinated from the moment you lay eyes on it. One thing is for sure, just to imagine that people have lived here over thousands of years ago and managed to survive because of its tempered climate, lay of the land and fishing is quite something to grasp. Everything  that grew, lived and survived along the coast was part if their daily lives for centuries and it’s still evident today.

One of these fasinating walks that is edged into these jaggered cliffs is known as Fisherman’s Walk and has developed over the last 30 odd years into a well maintained path that is more accessible to local walkers or hikers.  It stretches along the outside of the Western head of Knysna with hidden beaches in the nooks and crannies of the cliff side.  A spectacular little tuff hike which needs an fair amount of general fitness,  but you can take it easy and stop every now and then for a breather and a breathe taking view.


The long walkway to the beach down below.