Every once in a while you come across something that leaves you standing with a stupid grin on your face and wondering how many people have experienced this. One of these moments was when I got involved with a charity event that consisted of a one-man show in Shades of Broadway!
The quality of the performance and the tongue in cheek humour of the performing arts on stage combined with this man’s expressive acting abilities left me feeling rather euphoric, much like a hot flush with added excitement.
Being an avid theatre goer when living in Johannesburg I was absolutely delighted to be able to experience this live show on the Garden Route. His carefully selected pieces of Broadway that carried you back to the “old” days and the censored to death South Africa in some aspects, and then, to be enjoy in the later years of SA stage productions in the likes of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Jesus Christ Super Star, Chicago and Joseph and his amazing technicolour dream coat. There is always a Jiggy in the Time Walk and you get up and boogie cause you can. This travelling performer and his partner visits towns all over South Africa to share a part of their passion for the stage and he is damn good at it. So when you come across Greg and John Pettigrew take the time and opportunity to go and see this marvellous act that will definitely leave you entertained or book them for a fundraiser or a community event, or just because you can!