A Backroad Romance

Heading South towards the longest Wine Route in South Africa I decided to rather take the road less travelled and turned off onto the R318 fom the N1 Touws Rivier side towards Montagu.  I looked back to see the Matroosberge lying in their bulk form behind me and covered in what looks like an icy blanket of cloud.  A Regional Route in South Africa that connects the N1 between De Doorns and Touws River in the north-west with Montagu in the south-east via the Koo and Keisie Valleys.


I was heading south through the Rooihoogte Pass. After this pass, the route veers east through the Koo Valley then down Burgers Pass to run further east through the lower Keisie Valley. The route ends in Montagu at the R62.


The skies were dramatic and the chill factor of the wind was winding it’s way through the valleys feeling like we were both in a race for time. Sunset was nearing and I had to get to McGregor,with my foot  weighing a little heavy in the right hand corner and me trying to focus on the road.  As soon as I reached the top of the second incline I was distracted by the sun breaking through the heavens and lighting up the hills of the surrounding area. The journey immediately became an photo opportunity of landscapes unknown to me. Feeling pleasantly pleased with myself for deciding to take the route less travelled and being rewarded threefold by incredible light and the Wanderlusting gypsy in me was smiling. 


Dream outside of the lines

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