Flight of the Feathered

Once again I had the pleasure of watching these beautiful graceful rulers of the sky interact with man.

Charlie the Spotted Eagle Owl

Radical Raptors a safe haven for birds that have been ,injured,  imprinted and tossed aside by either nature or man have stolen a special place in my heart , it might be my love for birds or my obsession with flight that draws me to it, but what ever it may be I always find something to be in awe about.

The interaction with these amazing Raptors

The delight on children’s faces when they interact and learn, even adults are left smiling when they experience this educational session with Dennis and with out a doubt, his passion for his Raptors shows in every moment he spends with them.

The power, speed and maneuverability of these birds in action

Thank you once again for letting me steal a moment in time with you and your birds.
Radical Raptors
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I am an Athlete, the heart beat of Adventurer

There is nothing quite so intense than watching athletes in racing mode. You can actually see the cogs working in their heads and the intensity in their eyes. 


Expedition Africa,  an Adventure Race, is currently taking place in Knysna in the Garden Route of South Africa.


I had the privilege of catching glimpse of these men and women at work. This is guts, sweat and tears,  not to mention the calculating,  timing and eating that has to take place while they throw their bodies into the thrash hold of movement and endurance.


The continuous change of environment and challenges while trying to be as tactful as possible in order to win a race.


I can only say it leaves me in awe. 
I wish you all well
“Guts and glory lies within each mans strength to take on the ultimate”


To follow this race go to:
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Video of Race day 1
Race Day 1 – Expedition Africa