Shifting coastline – a geological constant

Always fascinating listening to Mark Dixon on a guided walk along this extraordinary piece of coastline. He really makes everything come to life, from the tiniest creature to the largest rock formations

Garden Route Trail


The many moods of a beach. Undoubtedly, the remarkable reality is that irrespective of what action society, world leaders and concerned citizens take to address global warming, sea levels will continue to rise. As they have done in the geological past. Clinging to the ever shifting coastline is an amazing ecology of intertidal fauna and flora that have reproductive and feeding strategies which ensure that they always are able to inhabit this harsh, yet constant environment.

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A Bluesy Weekend


I am in love with the Blues…
and it most likely started when I heard a long sob story being told in a song, added with a dash of tongue in cheek humour,  a tad of insult and a raspy voice, combined with the musical beat of guitar,  upright bass,  harmonica and the tinny clang of brass and it simply came together as a sound that fills my inside.


Hooked I tell you,  it’s almost like going to church for the first time and wanting to shout hallelujah at the top of your voice.

This is the feeling I get when listening to Riaan Smit from Crimson House.  He rips into my soul with pure raw emotion, and this while he carries over his passion in a jumble of notes and an ensemble of beats, all while he caresses his harmonica and brings forth the sweet bluesy tune of something your mind doesn’t understand, but your soul does.  Man, I tell you,  passion like this is hard to find in music these days.

So if this guy crosses your path,  step inside his world, you won’t regret it, it lingers like a first time kiss and leaves you excited everytime you think about it….

Its definitely been a bluesy kinda weekend….
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