It’s long known to us that the Garden Route has good Slow Food values, a place where we take a step back and still enjoy food plucked out of the earth and cooked heartedly, the way grandma made it.  As a kid I can still remember the smell of a lamb roasting in the oven, good old fashioned vegetables that still needed to be plucked, peeled and prepared.  The only sauce on the table was the mint that grew under the tap.  The best times in the house was as a family in the kitchen, each with a domestic tool of some sort, busying ourselves with preparing for the feast. In later years we added Wine, not to the food of course but to the chatter and laughter that went with accompanying our food ritual. 


It is a blessing then when you arrive at a place, step out of the car and the first smell that hits you is “I am Home!” I turned to face the barn like building and was immediately captured by its twist of farmlike tuscan. Rich with colour and styled with flair. It came to no surprise that the man that walked out the door, with a broad warm smile had the same kind of look.. Farmlike tuscan . I maneuvered myself into the building, early as per normal, wanting to catch a glimpse of action in the food preparation.  I got more than I bargained for, there was so much to take in. Smells, colour, sunlight, art and  harmonising food. I watched as the dance unfolded before me and was dying to talk to Julio & Co about there venture here in the Garden Route on the 7 passes Road.

Julio Agrella, wife Susan and Julio jnr made the Garden Route their permanent home a couple of years ago. Looking for a new adventure and combined with their love for food they created Bistro Celeiro. With help from a family friend Willie, they watched their dream become a reality. It really feels like home, the banter, warm welcomes and the easy conversation that just flows.

The menu presented a well proportioned variety with the likes of Springbuck neck, pork neck, beer brewed stew, vegetarian cannelloni for mains, to name a few  and I sneaked in a starter of gureye cheese served with gooseberries and had a peak at my neighbours soup…
We tasted and tested each others food to sample every flavour we could.  Delight, absolute delight, served with fresh vegetables. I do not have a sweet tooth, but sampled some of the home made Gelato “Italian made ice-cream” which was infused with figs and amarula, do I need to say more? 

I would like to thank Julio, Susan, Julio jnr and Willie for a wonderful time.  I think I was the last to leave and had to tear myself away. Almost heart sore I got in my car to leave, sad that the experience was over.  I will be back…..
Booking are essential, call 044 850 1026
Address  –  Diep Rivier 7 passes Road Garden Route. 


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